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What is Music Therapy?

By definition, music therapy is the clinical and evidence-based use of music interventions to reach individualized goals facilitated by a board certified music therapist (MT-BC). Music therapy can be used to address social, emotional, cognitive, physical, psychological, and/or spiritual goals of each individual or group. At Tandem Voices Music Therapy Services, we take a humanistic approach to music therapy. Since each of us is unique and deserves to be valued and respected, we approach each session with unconditional positive regard for all of our clients in order to build connections and meet each individual's goals. 

Learn more about music therapy on the American Music Therapy Association website here.

What is a Music Therapist?

In order to become a music therapist, one must hold a bachelor's or master's degree from an approved program with a comprehensive curriculum focused on clinical work, psychology, and music therapy. Music therapists must have also completed a 1200-hour supervised internship at a site that is approved by the American Music Therapy Association. Upon completion of an internship, the music therapist must sit for and successfully pass the CBMT (Certification Board for Music Therapists) to earn the credentials of MT-BC (Music Therapist, Board Certified). In order to maintain credentials, music therapists must engage in continuing education, such as research, attending or presenting at conferences, or pursuing higher education. All music therapists are held to a Standard of Clinical Practice, must adhere to Professional Competencies, and follow a strict Code of Ethics

What does the process look like?

When you contact Tandem Voices Music Therapy Services, you will receive a comprehensive consultation. After identifying the strengths, areas of need, and musical interests of you or your loved ones, our first session can be scheduled. Our first one to three sessions are spent cultivating a therapeutic relationship and assessing responses to music. During this time a treatment plan will be created with individualized goals and objectives. Each music therapy session is uniquely tailored to meet your needs, therefore your session may look very different from another's. 

After agreeing upon a specialized treatment plan, music therapy sessions can begin! If you are interested in scheduling quality music therapy services in New Haven County, CT, Tandem Voices will make it happen! Please do not hesitate to call us at (203) 747-8880 or contact us through our website to schedule an assessment or find out more about music therapy.

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