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End of life care can be challenging, however music therapy is a tool that can help individuals and families meet physical, emotional, and spiritual needs, including assistance with processing grief. In our sessions, we can addresses feelings of depression, fear, isolation, disorientation, confusion, anxiety, loss of control and loneliness. Music therapy can also help to reduce pain perception as well as stress and anxiety for the patient, which allows for positive physiological changes. 

Music Therapy Addresses:

  • Increased Family Connection – Communicating openly and truthfully with one another during end-of-life is often difficult. We understand the importance of allowing families to be with one another in any capacity they can be. 

  • Validation and Emotional Support  We work to decrease anxiety, fear, and anticipatory grief for patient and family members, allowing them to feel comforted and understood.

  • Prevention of Cognitive Decline – Music therapy sessions can be structured around timelines of each individuals lives. Finding music that had a meaningful impact on an individual may spark memories that lead into life review and reminiscence.

  • Life Review & Reminiscence  We provide space to appropriately work through the psychological processes within end-of-life.

  • Legacy Projects  We can use music in a variety of ways to allow individuals to tell their stories and leave behind a legacy families can cherish for years to come. One example of a legacy project may be creating a CD with a patient's favorite songs, or even with the patient singing along to their favorite songs that can be passed along to anyone.

  • Promote Healing  Several studies have shown that music can assist with pain management, depression, insomnia, and anxiety management, decreasing the need for so many medications. For more information, check out the article "A Cost-Benefit Analysis of Music Therapy in a Home Hospice," here.

If you are interested in pursuing services, please call us at (203) 747-8880 or visit our contact page.

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