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Music is a great way for newborns, toddlers, preschoolers, and their families to learn and develop their skills in an engaging and supportive environment. Tandem Voices Music Therapy Services is proud to offer Sprouting Melodies classes. Music therapy is also available for daycare centers and preschools where goals and objectives can be created to target early learning skills and support social, cognitive, emotional, and language development. Whether in a daycare setting or in a Sprouting Melodies class, we like to say if you stay, you play! Children are much more likely to engage in music making if they see someone they know and trust making music with them.

Music Therapy Addresses:

  • Communication and Expression – Group members in our music therapy sessions are encouraged to engage with other children and their families verbally, musically, and with sign language.

  • Engagement in Gross and Fine Motor Movement – With a variety of instruments at our disposal, every group member will be given the opportunity to grasp maracas or mallets or reach out to tap a drum. We also love to dance!

  • Independent Participation – All group members are encouraged to engage in music in whatever way is appropriate for them. One kid may be very active, exploring every instrument, and dancing in the center of the room, while another may be much more passively engaged, watching everyone or engaging with only their parent/caregiver

  • Following Directions – Music is a great motivational tool to help children follow directions. It is amazing to see how quickly children will clean up instruments after only a few group sessions with musical prompting!

  • Developmental Support – The Sprouting Melodies model focuses on stages of development all children go through, including awareness, trust, independence, control, and responsibility. In each session, we provide education about how music is supporting each of these stages and provide musical tools that can be used outside of our sessions.

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